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How to save money by outsourcing your payroll

Are you a business owner? Is your payroll processed in-house? If so, Intelligent Payroll can save you money.

Let us consider Sage 50 Payroll, the number one used payroll processing software in the UK; the cost of this software alone is £240 a year (for up to only 15 members of staff). Factor in the amount of valuable time that is spent by a member of your staff running your company’s payroll each month and the costs just keep rising.

Time costs money.

Most small business owners don’t realise the costs of running a company’s payroll are higher than they should be.

Speak to Intelligent Payroll today and you will be surprised at how much money and valuable time we can save you and your business.

The key benefits of using Intelligent Payroll are as follows:

· Reduce costs – The purchase of payroll software and ensuring proper training for the person responsible can be costly.

· Free up time – Processing payroll takes up time, the time that would be better spent on focusing on your core business.

· Accuracy – Complications can occur with payroll, there can be numerous issues such as sick pay, deductions of earnings or even holiday calculations. Rather than spending time researching and looking up the answer, we take care of everything.

· Reliability - If your bookkeeper or payroll clerk leave, go on maternity leave or even holiday, you could find it difficult to replace them and the knowledge they have, causing a logistical nightmare come payday. This won’t be an issue with an outsourced payroll service like us.

There are so many benefits to outsourcing your payroll that you will wonder why you have not used Intelligent Payroll previously. Intelligent Payroll run payrolls all day, every day, and can handle the task so much more efficiently that the cost savings alone will warrant the change, never mind the ability to free up time for your staff to focus on the important goals you have set for your business.

Contact us today and see how much money Intelligent Payroll could save your business.

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