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High growth firm outsources payroll function to free up resources

DesignerSofas4U was established as an online furniture retailer in 2007. Following an unprecedented response to the service we offer, we’ve built an excellent reputation as a quality retailer that’s projected to become one of the UK’s leading online furniture stores. This is because we treat every customer as though they’re family; our particular brand of personal customer service, teamed with the high standards of handmade furniture and value for money we offer guarantees a service like no other.

Executive Summary

As a fast-growing company, Designer Sofas for You were overwhelmed when it came to processing the payroll for their staff at the end of each month. It didn’t help when new legislation was passed such as auto enrolment pensions. They knew it was time to bring someone in who could help. In stepped Intelligent Payroll, within the first three months, the benefits were clear:

  • Management time spent on payroll reduced by 85%

  • Monthly cost savings of 80%

  • Peace of mind for the business owners


Sajid Bohra, Senior Manager at Designer Sofas for You was frustrated by the limitations of their in-house software, this impeded their ability of completing the payroll task quickly and accurately. The software they used to carry out the payroll task was a well know brand of software, which they found to be inflexible, slow and not user friendly. “The software package was very basic with little or no support especially if we had a question…it became something I dreaded logging into come payroll time,” says Bohra. The whole management team believed that the payroll task was taking too much time away from day to day running of the business so when the opportunity came up to outsource to Intelligent Payroll, Bohra jumped on it.

How Intelligent Payroll Helped

He required a provider that would grow with the business; this eliminated many vendors. His decision came down to Intelligent Payroll and a well-known accountancy. “We felt that Intelligent Payroll was the most complete solution available in the market, much more competitively priced and more importantly, would continue to innovate.

Outsourcing the payroll has allowed us to focus on growing our business and not worry about keeping up to date with new legislation as we know it will be taken care of by Intelligent Payroll”.

Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

  • More time for management to focus on growing the business.

  • Massive cost savings

  • Guaranteed peace of mind

Designer Sofas for You now use an online portal that includes an employer dashboard which enables management to access all their data, print off reports and make any changes from anywhere. It also reduces paper wastage as there is no need to print any payslips or reports. The data is held securely in the cloud with end to end encryption. It also includes an employee self-service option, feedback from employees has been great, especially on how easy it is to use and they can access it on any internet connected device.

With their auto enrolment staging date coming up, Designer Sofas for you are moving full steam ahead. Intelligent Payroll has provided a full cost analysis of how automatic enrolment will affect the company. The pension provider has been chosen and the payroll software has been integrated, they are well on their way to complying with the newest payroll legislation.

This graph shows the difference in cost, considering cost of software and the labour hours it takes to keep up with new legislation, training costs, correcting errors and calls to HMRC. The benefits are not just the positive cost difference but also the wealth of experience and knowledge that comes from outsourcing the payroll.

If you wish to know more about Designer Sofas For You and their story, please visit their website

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