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Payroll Apprentice - Shams Khan

Name: Shams Khan

School: Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School

Team: Payroll and Pensions

Work Experience

Having decided that I would like an office-based career. I quickly concluded that the wealth of experience gained through 'on the job' training would not only be beneficial to me but could well be a deciding factor for future employers to consider.

Every working day is different, and I'm constantly learning new aspects of the job and the Payroll industry. My day in the office starts at 9am and I normally start the day by responding to relevant emails and prioritising a list of jobs that need to be done.

During my week at Intelligent Payroll, I learnt many things about the industry and just office work in general. Before this I had never worked in an office, so this was a completely new experience. I am glad to say that the team at Intelligent Payroll made the transition from school to the office very easy for me. I quickly learned that the wealth of experience in the team was vast.They have robust processes and procedures in place to manage payroll and automatic enrolment for their 150+ clients, ranging from large corporate employers to small director only companies. When learning about payroll and automatic enrolment and seeing the internal workings of a payroll company, it made me understand why payroll is so important and why you must have professionals handling it.

I am grateful for this experience as it’s given me a great start to go into an office environment. I now understand a lot about this industry and just the office environment in general. This has been a very important experience for me and I’m glad I got to work at Intelligent Payroll.


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